How we work.

Rooted in the 12 Steps, Simon House utilizes innovative and unique program tools that allow our clients to understand and navigate the recovery process in a meaningful way. Educating clients on the spiritual, emotional, and physiological effects of addiction, allows for a more profound exploration of their personal recovery journey. Tiered recovery phases allow clients to organically adapt to the recovery model and find long-term success; supporting our overall mission of empowering and guiding men to achieve long-term recovery from addiction and all of its effects.

Active treatment - Highly structured 12 week residential program.

Active Treatment, sees clients embarking on the first steps of their recovery journey in our 12 week Addiction Recovery Program. Highly structured classes and routines are implemented and regular, compulsory, one on one counselling sessions occur twice per week during the first four weeks of residency in the program. This elevated structure prepares clients for the subsequent recovery phases and instils healthy routines and accountability. While in Active Treatment, clients are required to attend:

  • Five outside 12 Step meetings(AA/CA/NA)

  • Weekly Alumni speaker meetings

  • Monthly graduation meeting

  • Monthly Al-Anon meeting

  • Daily morning meditation

  • Daily house meeting

transitional care - Supportive transitional Housing

Transitional Care, sees clients who have successfully graduated from the 12 week program, choose to continue on to supported transitional housing. Transferred from the main facility, clients remain housed on our main campus in one of two transitional housing units. This supported transition phase will last as long as is needed and productive for the client, on a case by case basis. During this time clients are back in the work force, attending weekly individual counselling sessions and are engaging regularly with a home group. While in Transitional Care, clients are required to attend:

  • Three 12 Step meetings per week

  • One Alumni speaker meeting

  • Monthly Al-Anon meeting

  • Monthly graduation meeting

  • Two Alumni meetings per month

  • One house meeting per week

 Independent Sober Living

Independent Sober Living, sees clients who have gained confidence and time in their recovery living off our main campus in a Simon House independent sober living house, located in the local community. Clients are required to attend groups sessions throughout the week, along with submitting for random monthly drug tests. Living completely independent of facility staff, clients are able to reconnect with their communities and re-establish routines that are healthy and further support their recovery. While in Independent Sober Living, clients are required to attend/have:

  • One community 12 Step meeting per week

  • One weekly individual counselling session

  • One house meeting per week

  • Monthly graduation meeting

  • Two Alumni meetings per month

  • Have a sponsor and a home group in the community

  • Have full-time employment


How your money helps.


Social Return on Investment.

When a donation is made to Simon House, the support is never confined only to one man. When donors give, they are also providing support and relief to every individual connected to a man in treatment at Simon House. We return sons to parents, brothers to their siblings, husbands to their wives, fathers to their children, and tax paying, pro-social employees to their employers and community.

As a whole, it costs society roughly $55,000.00 to $100,000.00 per year, to care for and manage one homeless individual in Calgary; this includes, police, ambulance, fire, emergency room visits, hospital stays and incarceration. 

Incarceration stays in Alberta cost roughly $88,000.00 per individual per year, with costs for in-patient hospital care costing anywhere from $292,000 to $438,000 a year, or $800 to $1,200 per individual per day. 

Simon House can house a man, support him in his pursuit of recovery, return him to the workforce, while keeping him out of jail and hospital for $20,000 per year.

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