Ways to Donate.


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Meal Sponsorship Program.

Did you know that you can sponsor meals at Simon House? We have great partners in the community like Calgary Food Bank and Loblaws that provide us with donations of food on a regular basis and allow us to offer healthful options to the men we serve. We are proud of the partnerships we have made that reduce the bottom line cost to run our kitchen.

For $3.50/meal we are able to provide a well rounded, nutritious offering.

Meal sponsorship is an excellent way for an individual or corporation to make a difference in the lives of the men we serve!

$175 provides 50 meals - Great opportunity for personal sponsorship!

$5,000 provides 1,400 meals - Great opportunity for corporate sponsorship!

Want to see where your donation could be used? Connect with our President and CEO, Trevor Loria. We'll have you over for lunch and a tour so you can see the impact your donation could have in the lives of those we serve!

12 x 12 Campaign

$12 donation for 12 months to support the 12 Steps of Recovery at Simon House.

Or you can make a one-time donation of $144 to help support a man in his pursuit of recovery.