House Rules.

Your time spent at Simon House is designed to support your journey towards living a recovered life. Our rules are made in partnership with our clientele. This is your journey, but sometimes it's hard to see the best path forward when you are in the middle of the storm - that's where we come in. Our strategies are designed to facilitate the rebuilding of healthy habits and a strong foundation for sustainable sobriety.

Read our Client Handbook here.


Admission Checklist.

Items to bring with you:

  • Personal care items – shampoo, deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste, hair brush, etc.

  • Provincial health card, SIN card, health benefits/insurance card.

  • Medications that are currently prescribed (subject to review).

  • Weather appropriate outerwear, casual clothing, active/outdoor wear, gym/casual shoes.

  • Cash, debit or credit cards for spending money and program fee payment.

Banned items from the centre:

  • No drugs, alcohol, any illegal substances.

  • No Vapes. Vaping is prohibited onsite.

  • All weapons such as guns, knives, etc.

  • No sexually explicit images, movie or paper form (including electronic form – cell phones, flash drives, laptops etc.)

  • No personal furniture.

  • No small appliances such as coffee makers, humidifiers, etc.

  • No pets.

  • No personal vehicles.