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Admission Requirements.

At Simon House we provide a safe and highly structured environment that helps clients work towards the ultimate goal of sustained recovery. The rules and guidelines that Simon House has in place are to help change the habits of a client battling addiction and help them make healthy choices that will fortify against relapse.

Continuous support and connection is key in the recovery process – at Simon House, we hope to help provide the keys to life changing recovery!

  • Be addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Abstain from drugs/alcohol for 72 hours prior to admission and submit to a drug test before being admitted to residency
  • Pay a monthly residential fee (social/insurance/employer assistance permitted)
  • Agree to abide by Simon House rules, with the understanding that non-compliance could result in dismissal from program 
  • Make a commitment to change
  • Have the ability to actively participate in group work
  • Not take medications that are known to alter mood or cognative ability